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Wildlife Spottings

Seen in and around our site, recorded on the chalk board outside the Meeting Shed. Please also send Sally your sightings by email if you prefer - email: sally@% change % to apaa.org.uk

The list below is also available as Wildlife sorted by date and Wildlife sorted by species.

Wildlife spotting August 2014 – February 2015

17.08.14  Two baby newts nestling with the frogs on Zoe's plot
20.08.14  Two dead hedgehogs (1 adult and 1 young) on 16 GLM
07.09.14  Young hedgehog on 44 AP
08.09.14  Several sightings of young hedgehog crossing the road by Colin's plot
15.09.14  Adult hedgehog on top path near plot 35 GLM
03.10.14  Baby hedgehog trundling around plot 44a AP and on path
12.10.14  Hedghog crossing carpark at 10am
07.11.14  Sparrowhawk over 44a AP
05.12.14  Flock of goldfinches on top path
25.12.14  Fox, as bold as brass on 44a AP and sparrowhawk perched in tree
10.01.15  Large hedgehog found in live rat trap. The hedgehog had eaten                                     
                peanut butter bait and wandered off out of the trap unharmed.   
21.01.15   2 ring-necked parakeets, flock of long-tailed tits, 1 nuthatch, 1 woodpecker 44a AP
15.02.15  Newt disturbed on 41 GLM

                                                                                             WILDLIFE SPOTTINGS
                                                                                             Oct 2013 – Aug 2014
01.11.13   10 Stag Beetle larvae in rusty barrow
03.11.13   Ring-necked Parakeets pecking apples on Colin's plot                                            
24.11.13  Fieldfares with chattering song
20.03.13  3 baby robins in shed
20.03.13  Lots of mating frogs
20.03.13  Woodpecker
20.03.13  Heron
11.04.14  Pair of friendly Mallard Ducks                                        
11.04.14  Red Admiral and Peacock butterfly
11.04.14  5 Tiny foxcubs
12.04.14  Comma butterfly
18.04.14  Long-tailed tits
22.04.14  Goldfinches
24.04.14  Hedgehog
30.04.14  Hedgehog
01.05.14  A 2nd brood of robins in Zoe's Shed
03.05.14  Hedgehog
15.06.14  Blackcap
15.06.14  Long-tailed tits
17.06.14  Caterpillar and frog                                                           
07.07.14  11.40am - Met hedgehog on path – it ignored me!
07.07.14   2 Frogs
20.07.14   Dead hedgehog on path with leg cut off – Strimmer??                                     
20.07.14   Large dead rat                  
20.07.14   Dozens of Gatekeeper butterflies on Marjoram                            
23.07.14   Young hedgehog on path at 10pm                               
23.07.14   Hedgehog and 3 babies, top path                                    
03.08.14   4pm - Large hedgehog on path near bottom gate
17.08.14   10am - Young fox on top path

Ponds 2014

The grand total for this year's pond count was 26 small and medium ponds and 7 large.  This is more than in 2011 and 2012, so we are gradually increasing the number of ponds on the site!






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