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AGM 2019 Treasurers Report


AGM 20th July 2019


ACCOUNTS 1st April 2018 - 31st March 2019

The accounts show a trading surplus of £2,174.

This is reflected in an increase in Net Assets (£16,935) over the previous year (£14,761).

This is largely due to the efforts of dedicated teams of volunteers and excellent attendance at the 2018 plant sale which generated a surplus of £2,150 and the monthly cafe which generated an annual surplus of £850.

We also received £900 from the final wind up of CHADAHS and an increased LBH grant of £1,695 (compared to £966 the previous year).

On the expenditure side the key expenditure was £3,500 on adaptations to the lower gate to make it fully functional and £600 to replace the woodchip enclosure.

The Allotment Shop has been increasingly busy since APAA took full control with total receipts of £4,690 showing a small margin of £392 (= 8%) over costs.

At year end the Current Account had a balance of £10,382 and the Reserve Account £6,469.


The 2109 Annual Plant Sale raised an amazing surplus of over £3,000.

The Trading shed has been increasingly popular and is generating significant expenditure and receipts.

Current account balance is £13,514. Reserve Account balance is £6,469.


The main issues anticipated are:

  • Continuing green maintenance of the site.

  • Extension and refurbishment of the Top Shed.

  • Long term condition of the road.




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