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Diary Dates

Please let us know about events that other plot-holders might enjoy - email: admin@% change % to apaa.org.uk

This is a Google calendar - more info at foot of page(click).

Click on items for more details.


Google Calendars

If you don't already have a Google Calendar, it's a useful thing! See 'Your own Google Calendar' below.

If you already have a Google calendar, you can add ("subscribe to") the Alexandra Palace Allotments calendar as follows:

  • Block (ie mark) and copy (Control+C) the URL (address) below:
  • Go to your Google calendar(click).
  • Click the down-arrow next to the 'Other calendars' list on the left.
  • Select 'Add by URL' from the menu.
  • Paste the URL above into the field provided.
  • Click the 'Add Calendar' button.

The calendar will appear in the 'Other Calendars' list.

Your own Google Calendar

You can set one up at Google calendar. Your own events can of course be added. However, what makes the system so useful is that you can add (or subscribe to, ie view) the calendars of others. Added calendars may be private, eg those of family members or friends, in which case you have to be invited. You can also add any public calendar (eg the Alexandra Palace Allotments calendar) by using its URL (see above).

The combined calendar displays the events from all calendars (or those you choose to show) in different colours (you choose). You might find it useful to separate your own events into two or more calendars, eg your private events (called 'James private' perhaps) and events you are happy to tell selected others about ('James shared' perhaps).


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