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Apple Pressing

Apple Pressing Days 2013-15

2015 report

Again this autumn we used the Urban Harvest9 litre press, on four Saturday afternoons: 5 & 19 Sept, 3 & 31 October. Twenty individuals or groups pressed fruit (apples, pears, grapes), over these four afternoons producing a total of 133 litres of juice.
Five plot-holders kindly donated either apples from their trees or windfalls: Tommy Amooty, Debbie Cunciffe, Ian Green, Michael Harrison and Colin Roberts.

This being the third successive year of communal apple pressing at Ally Pally, in September the APAA Committee decided that it's time we had a press and crusher of our own. We'll be buying a 20 litre press, in the hope that even more plot-holders will want to donate or press fruit in autumn 2016.         Peter Campbell


2014 report

We had a busy afternoon on Saturday 27 September, with individual plot-holders and family groups together pressing some 25 litres of juice. It's a lovely communal activity: everyone present helped with the washing and chopping of apples - and the tasting! Those who had brought containers for juice did the crushing and pressing. Half a dozen people dropped by simply to watch the spectacle and chat. Several at the AP site kindly donated lots of apples: Colin Roberts, Ian Green, Tommy Amooty. So Roland was able to press a few litres of juice even though he had no apples of his own, and David could mix apples with the pears that he'd brought, making a delicious mixed juice.                           Peter Campbell 


2013 report

In September and October 2013, for the first time, apple pressing sessions were organised on two Saturdays and two Sundays during October from 1-4pm. They took place at the social shed, in good weather also using the area immediately outside of the shed.

The photos show the sequence of steps from washing the apples, cutting, pulping, pressing, the finished product, and a barrow load of spent pulp for the chickens (they like the pulp!). Photos were by Peter and Anita.

Here's Peter Campbell's report, on behalf of the AP Allotments Assoc ...

"My wife Susie and I had four very busy afternoons of community apple pressing at the AP social shed, for tenants from both the Shepherds Hill and Ally Pally allotments sites. About 40 people came along, individually or in small groups, each pressing their own fruit and together producing over 90 litres of juice. Some also pressed pears, blending apple & pear juice.

"Several groups at each session actively involved children, who get as excited as the adults about both the process of making juice for themselves and its fantastic taste. It's a lovely, sociable activity. There were also many who participated marginally, some coming specially to join us and chat, others simply watching with interest as they happened to walk by the shed.

"We're very grateful to a small, local organisation called Urban Harvest for lending us their apple crusher, apple press and various accessories such as trugs, all at no charge. I brought along additional items including cutting boards, knives, measuring cups and funnels; participants needed only bring their apples and/or pears plus containers for bottling the juice. A lovely kitchen bench with shelving, recently left out as rubbish on a pavement down my road and quickly retrieved for the social shed, made a perfect area for apple chopping. The only problem we faced, at peak times, was having too many cars in the parking area.



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