Care! Hedgehogs! + photos

We all know we need to take care - whether strimming, hacking low undergrowth, forking a compost heap etc.

Not so obvious, even when walking in the late evening!

Here's some photos of 3 young ones, all within a few feet of each other on our top path last week. They tend to crouch on the path rather than running off when someone approaches, and are easily kicked or stepped on. The adult who had been with them moved into the undergrowth too quickly to photograph.

I haven't cropped the photos to zoom in and show the hedgehogs more clearly - the point is that they're not easy to see!

I've also pasted Sally's sad report to our news email group below, and Jenny's reply about some info she's providing - copies will be available at the 'cafe' in the Top Shed on Sunday 3rd August 11am - 1pm.

Best wishes



First baby hedgehog on top path

Baby hedgehog on top path


Second baby hedgehog on top path

Baby hedgehog on top path


Third baby hedgehog on top path

Baby hedgehog on top path


One of the baby hedgehogs showing small size against foot

Baby hedgehog on top path



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20 July 2014 20:50
We found a young dead hedgehog today on the path. It looked as if one leg had been cut off by a strimmer, as it was a clean cut and was next to the poor hedgehog. The hedgehog population has been reduced by 30% in the UK, so it has been encouraging to see some on the site this year. Do take care extra when strimming or mowing. 
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Really sorry to hear about dead hedgehog – I’ve got leaflets from the Hedgehog Preservation Society which I’ll bring on Sunday – these might be of interest.
all best, Jenny
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